Fields of Expertise

  • Security consultancy, Guarding & escorting services
  • Cyber Crime Investigation Services.
  • Surveillance Services.
  • CCTV Installations & Monitoring
  • Fraud Investigations & Business intelligence For Corporations    &      Individuals.  
  • Staff Background Checks & Due diligence.

Other services

HEIF Has Qualified experienced Detectives, Certified Auditors/Accountants and legal officers in the criminal and civil investigations departments

  • Investigating dishonest debtors and debt collection
  • Locating and identification of missing property.
  • Investigation of suspected fraud, impersonation and forgery offenses.
  • Investigating facts on disputed land plots, etc
  • Collecting confidential information on companies, institutions, would be employers  and employees.
  • Identifying thefts in factories, supermarkets, warehouses, wholesale institutions and retail outlets.
  • Search for relevant political and diplomatic information

Client Updates

For professionalism and mutual understanding, HEIF Group provides the clients with updates on the progress of the investigations.

For wide cases, an interim report is always written for the client giving details of investigating and the next move taken.

This has been very useful as the discussion with client enables him to follow the development of the case.


It is a strict policy of HEIF Group to treat its clients with utmost confidentiality.

Some of the industries we work with include

  1. Education institutions.
  2. Financial institutions.
  3. Manufacturing firms.
  4. Government security Agencies.
  5. Transport agencies.
  6. Hotels Institutions.
  7. Government and Public corporations.
  8. Multinational companies. (MNEs’)